2018 Midterm Elections

It's time to vote!

Early voting has started, it's time to make your voice heard in the 2018 midterm election! You’ll be choosing representatives at the federal, state, and county level, and if you live in the San Antonio city limits, you will also vote on three City Charter amendments.

In other words, it’s really important—and your community needs you.

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Deadline to Register

Oct. 9, 2018

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Early Voting

Oct. 22 - Nov. 2, 2018

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Election Day

Nov. 6, 2018

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Questions about voting?

We've rounded up answers to the questions we get asked the most to help you feel totally prepared to get to the polls and cast your vote.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are we voting on?


  • US Senate
  • US House of Representatives

State Officials

  • Governor
  • Lt. Governor
  • Attorney General
  • Comptroller
  • Land Commissioner
  • Agricultural Commissioner
  • Railroad Commissioner
  • Texas Senate
  • Texas House
  • State Board of Education

State Courts

  • Texas Supreme Court
  • Texas Court of Criminal Appeals
  • District Courts
  • Criminal District Attorney


  • County Judge
  • County Commissioner
  • County Courts of Law Judges
  • County Probate Court Judges
  • District Clerk
  • County Clerk


  • Edgewood ISD School Board
  • South San Antonio ISD School Board
  • Somerset ISD School Board
  • Southwest ISD Bond

City Charter Amendments

If you live in San Antonio city limits, you’ll also see three City referendums on your ballot. These are proposed amendments to the City charter—the constitution of the City of San Antonio. You will vote for or against each proposition.

Proposition A: This would reduce the number of signatures needed to challenge a local ordinance proposed by City Council—from 10% of voters registered in the last municipal election (about 70,000 currently) to 20,000—and extend the amount of time allowed to collect these signatures—from 40 days currently to 180 days.

Proposition B: This would cap the salary of the City Manager at 10 times the earnings of the lowest-paid City employee and limit the City Manager’s tenure to 8 years. This amendment would also require that a supermajority—or 8 members—of City Council approve a new City Manager (rather than a simple majority of 6).

Proposition C: This would give the fire union the sole right to declare when it has reached an impasse with the city on contract negotiations and require that the city enter binding arbitration rather than file a lawsuit.

Helpful context:

Where to go

On Election Day, you must vote in your assigned precinct—determined by the address of your current voter registration. During Early Voting, you can vote at ANY polling location.

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What to bring

The short answer: if you have a Texas or US photo identification (can be expired up to 4 years), bring that. The long answer: if you don’t have government-issued photo identification available, you can show another form of identification and sign a verified declaration at your polling place.

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What if my voter information doesn’t match my identification?

The address on your identification does NOT have to match your address on your voter registration information. If your name does not exactly match your name on your voter registration information, election officials will review your identification, and if your name is “substantially similar,” you’ll be allowed to vote (but required to submit an affidavit stating you are the same person on the official list of voters).

Can I vote by mail?

If you won’t be in Bexar County for Early Voting or Election Day; are 65 years or older; are disabled; or confined in jail but otherwise eligible to vote, you can vote early by mail. Applications must be received by October 26th. Mail–in ballots must be received by 7:00 pm on November 6th (if not postmarked) or received by 5:00 pm on November 7th if postmarked by 7:00 pm on November 6th.

How can I get to my polling location?

VIA offers free rides to the polls on Election Day. Just show your voter registration card when you board. Lyft and Uber will also offer free or discounted rides on Election Day. Check the app on November 6th for more information.